Round-up on Occupy Wall Street

6:14 PM PT: Herman Cain is really frustrated because he doesn’t understand what the OWS movement wants. “Do they want the bankers to come downstairs with checks in their hands?” he asks. He’s totally bewildered and obviously pissed about it. He wants to know what to do to make them go away. And he can’t figure it out. And, of course, that’s exactly the point. That’s the question the OWS movement wants him to be asking. And eventually the Herman Cains of the world will be forced to figure it out.

Daily Kos covers Republican debate of 18Oct2011

A Huffington Post writer explores just why the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement has been so successful. BTW, percentage of those who approve of the Tea Party: 27%, percentage of those who approve of OWS: 54%. Heck, New Yorkers like them by a margin of 67%.

Dissenter at contributes another, very typical story about what motivates the OWS movement. My own story on visitng OWS in New York. Our allying of Occupy Philly with Philly Against War. Treasury Secretary’ Timothy Geithner’s vow to do “more” to help the 99% rings a bit hollow as no one remembers him doing much of anything to begin with. And last Saturday’s protests? Wow!!!

Is the Democratic Party close and all buddy-buddy with OWS? Not exactly. Both sides have good reason to keep their distance. The National Review website is convinced that the two are in cahoots anyway. Good round-up of views on Democrats and OWS.

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