Way behind the curve

Very little and very late. The Democratic leadership finally wakes up to the need for more economic stimulus. Sure would have been nice if they had never taken their eyes off of the ball, but it’s good to see that they’ve finally realized that their political future depends on getting the economy working again.

By the way, the plan to get corporations to bring their profits back home needs lots and LOTS of work! Not a good plan at the moment, though the idea is a good one. I remember reading that Enron had been keeping offshore accounts and thinking “Offshore accounts? Isn’t that what, like, drug dealers and terrorists do? Why in the bloody heck is an American company keeping offshore accounts?” The piece indicates that a lot of these offshore profits that companies wish to repatriate are from profits made from doing business overseas, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that Enron-style money movements were also involved.

Good piece on how President Obama relates to his liberal base voters.  The President has leaned heavily towards trying to “reach across the aisle” and to find common cause with Republicans (Pretty much the whole raison d’etre for Blue Dog Democrats to exists in the first place) but, y’know, it really would help his case for doing that if he had been successful in peeling off any Republican votes for his policies. As it is, he’d be much better off by taking hard-line progressive stances.

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