Koch editorial

Crooks & Liars writes a response to a Charles Koch editorial. Koch tries to defend his actions of manipulating politics with his hundreds of millions of dollars in order to profit himself. Like other DFH bloggers, the C&L guy uses  lots of indelicate language.

And I completely agree with the C&L guy, both the term and the concept of “economic freedom” means absolutely nothing. I can’t understand what it means for an average citizen as the list of countries they give runs the gamut in terms of citizen freedoms.

FDL has a page for keeping track of the conflict up in Wisconsin. A local writer warns that Philadelphia could be next.

And also, a very highly interesting look at New Jersey’s  economic troubles and the state administration of Christine Todd Whitman back around 15 years ago and the troubles that were predicted to come up…well… right about now. The truly sad part of the story is to see  just how blind the press corps is to the recent past. It just seems that no one can be bothered to go back through the archives.

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