What are Republicans going to replace the ACA with?

Fortunately, they don’t appear to be able to get anything more than a purely symbolic House vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act. The Senate is not going to join in a repeal and the President will veto it if it gets as far as his desk. Why is that especially fortunate for the country as a whole?

Because the Republican Party, after two years of opposing the ACA, doesn’t have a plan to replace it with!  What are they going to do if repeal passes? Wel-l-l…

they have drafted a resolution to accompany the repeal legislation. It lays out broad, long-held GOP health-care goals, but no specifics, and directs four House committees to develop proposals.

Now, remember that Republicans made a huge stink about how stupendously large the ACA bill was. As of August 2009, it was 1000+ pages and over 100 amendments.

In other words, “We’re going to replace a really, really big bill with some vague plans and some allegedly good intentions, but after two years of criticism, we’re going to have to take several months to come up with a worthwhile replacement.”

Update: Wow! What a surprise! [/snark] In  truly [non-] amazing news, it turns out that Speaker Boehner has appointed several committees to revamp health care, at their leisure. Deadlines? Hah! Who needs deadlines? The committees will report their conclusions when they gol-durn jolly well feel like it!

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