Cat Food Commission failure

Cat Food Commission fail!!! The Commission appears to be unable to even get a majority, let alone the supermajority that their charter insists they should get, for their proposal.


The biggest problem, of course, is in getting the elected members onboard.  Republicans don’t want to raise taxes at all (The proposal is 2:1 spending cuts to taxation increases) and Democrats don’t want to needlessly hurt constituents with unnecessary spending cuts (“Cuts in Social Security will gradually increase poverty and early death among the old. Cuts in the mortgage interest deduction will further drive down home values while hardly affecting those rich enough to pay cash. Killing the Earned Income Tax Credit will reverse a highly effective anti-poverty program for working people.” Galbraith)


Naturally, the WaPo is covering up the fact that the Commission is obliged by law to make its proposal today and then cease to exist.


Hang it up, dissolve the Commission, send everyone home.

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