They’re doing just what I’d do

This reminds me of a Fantastic Four story when the FF is trying to decide what Dr. Doom will do. Reed says with no uncertainty what it is that Doom will do. Johnny asks him how he knows that. “That’s what I’d do if I were in his position.” Johnny agreed that, yeah okay, that made sense.

Republicans are refusing to join Democrats on the Cat Food Commission and are insisting they will not fulfill their assigned role in the anticipated “grand bargain.” They’re refusing to raise taxes in response to Democrats cutting expenditures. Democrats can take a “cuts-only” solution or no solution at all. If I were a Republican, I’d do precisely what they’re doing. Democrats are highly likely to simply roll over and accept a cuts-only solution.

Fire the damn commission and send everyone home!!!  Just dissolve the whole damned thing and accept that nothing good will ever come out of it!

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