Oh, good grief!

What is wrong with the Democratic Party?!?!?! Why can’t they stand up for their own professed values? Why are members peeling off from the party to support maintaining Bush’s tax cuts for the rich?

I know, I know. The woman asked Will Rogers what organized political party he subscribed to. His response was “Organized? Aw heck no, Ma’am, I’m a Democrat!”

Oh, and Alan Simpson thinks he’s found a way to get the money to extend those tax cuts!  Why, we’ll just take it out of medical care for veterans! Hey, not a problem! Tax cuts for the rich are SO much more important than medical care for veterans! President Obama is fully supporting the “Cat Food Commission,”  which obviously wants to see your grandparents choosing between various cat chows for their dinner.

I still just don’t understand why party members can’t just to the line on such a basic issue of Democratic priorities.

Update: At least some folks have the right priorities!  The Congressional Progressive Caucus has said that if the Cat Food Commission report recommends cuts or other changes to Social Security, they will say, you’ll lose our support. Ya-a-ayyy!!!!!

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