“Deficit Reduction Blindness”

Refers to a syndrome whereas someone wishes devoutly to reduce the deficit, but is blind to the very real pain that would cause to real, live, human beings. The NY Times has writers who are susceptible to this dread disease. For some odd reason, afflicted reporters are unable to see or comprehend that the just-passed Affordable Care Act reduces the deficit. They all consider it as something that increases indebtedness. Very strange disease.

This is one of the first pieces in the series of the Campaign for America’s Future “Virtual Summit on Fiscal and Economic Responsibility for People Who Did Not Wreck the Economy.” The idea is to counter billionaire deficit scold Pete Peterson and his enablers and their “Fiscal Summit” on April 28.

Update: Tax information sheet.  No, the tea partier’s charge that taxes have gone up under Obama are simply not true. The average citizen is actually paying less than under the last guy.

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