The urgent priorities

With the recession coming to an end, Democrats need to get their priorities in order. As I’ve stated over and over already, deficit reduction has to take last place. The deficit hawks need to siddown and shuddup. The nation desperately needs a large-scale jobs program and it needs one now!!! Will such a program make a serious difference in the unemployment rate by next November? Probably not, but if the public doesn’t get the impression that the Democrats are putting a 110% effort into job creation, that could leave a political opening for the teabagging right wingers to make gains at the expense of Democrats. That would truly be a tragedy!

As to the idea that Obama could take money from TARP (Unspent money plus money paid back equals a large bucket of available cash) for job creation. Would it help? Eh, six of one, half-dozen of the other.  Go ahead and do it if it’s politically easier, but money is money.

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