Recession appears to be coming to an end

Thankfully, the employment graph for the “Great Recession” appears to be at last curving upward!!! Do we owe the Republican Party any thanks whatsoever? No.

According to Digby:

And in the meantime you have the deficit fetishists taking the opportunity to pimp debt as the cause of the economic crisis and shock doctrine their way into the destruction of entitlements. They are doing that by conflating the short term need for stimulus etc with the Wall Street bailouts and the deficit. And now they think that those are the things that caused the recession. Now, whether the Democratic congress will allow the deficit scolds to push through a cat food commission is unknown, although there’s plenty of reason to believe that the political establishment sees this as a “go to China” moment that needs to be done under a Democratic president.

Couple of good questions about taxes and who should pay them.

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