Latest Geithner/Obama plan

Various economists (Paul Krugman, Dean Baker & the blog Calculated Risk) are unimpressed with the Obama Administration’s plan for dealing with the economic crisis. YouTube asks “Hey, Paul Krugman, where are you?” (Post also includes links to other issue-oriented tunes). And bleah! Don’t even bother looking to the traditional media for answers about the economy.
Complete waste of time, speaking of which, the Inky made a stab at rousing the rabble at Obama’s economic plan. Article speaks of sidewalk corners being cut so as to make them wheelchair accessible. Obviously, the bill that directs these corner cuts could have been better written. Not all the corners get much traffic and very frequently there are no sidewalks to go along with the corner cuts. Article drags in the totally-unconnected problem of Route 202 and how that needs to be widened.
Economists View blog rounds up the opinions of many good economists on the Geithner/Obama plan. Again, not very impressed.

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