The “higher taxes” bugaboo

We have here a fellow who’s very highly motivated to find the “pulse” of the public, to seek out what concerns regular voters.

Saul Anuzis, the Michigan GOP chair who’s running for chairman of the Republican National Committee, has issued a 24-page “Blueprint for a GOP Comeback” to RNC members that details his agenda and vision for returning the party to political power.
He goes on to say that the party must “stand proudly” on its core principles. “When Democrats try to raise taxes, we’ll mobilize the American people to stop them. When the Democrat spending spree begins, we’ll end it…
(But if these GOP ideas are winners, then why do 70% in a new Washington Post/ABC poll say that Obama should fulfill his campaign promise…
and why did just 3% say in the latest NBC/WSJ poll that taxes are the most important economic issue facing the country?)

In other words, the old saw about the Republicans “protecting” the American public from (*gasp!* *shriek!!*) higher taxes!!1!!*! is just one of the old talking points that liberals can safely disregard.

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