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Think Progress » FLASHBACK: Economists Predicted That A Prolonged

The Iraq Recession. I do hope this sticks as the label. ….. Did prolonged U.S. presence in Iraq lead us into a recession? – 74k – CachedSimilar pages


BBC NEWS | Business | War with Iraq could spark recession

Any conflict with Iraq together with a spike in oil prices, could endanger the world’s economic recovery and hit consumers in the pocket. – 55k – CachedSimilar pages


Between the Bits: Trying the war in Iraq to the recession

Trying the war in Iraq to the recession. There are some thoughts that while war is usually good for the economy, the war in Iraq has been incredibly bad for 01/trying-war-in-iraq-to-recession.html – 54k – CachedSimilar pages


War News Good? Let’s Create A Recession | Sweetness & Light

And behold a comparison of both Google searches and news reports for the terms “Iraq War” and “recession” via Google Trends: war-news-good-lets-create-a-recession – 31k – CachedSimilar pages

Issues and Elections out-of-recession/. The article links to every way in which our American life nav=messages&webtag=rp-issues&tid=53453 – 130k – CachedSimilar pages

Peace Action Coalition’s summary of economic effects and further commentary on the Moratorium of March 19th

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