Bush & the governors

Robert Pear writes in the New York Times: “President Bush rebuffed appeals from the nation’s governors on Monday to increase spending on roads, bridges and other public works as a way to revive the economy.

“Governors said Mr. Bush had told them at a White House meeting that he wanted to see the effects of his economic stimulus package before supporting new measures.

“A bipartisan group of governors is pushing for major road and bridge projects as a way to create jobs and foster economic development. But the White House says the money could not be spent fast enough to be of much immediate help. . . .

Gov. Edward G. Rendell of Pennsylvania, a Democrat who is vice chairman of the National Governors Association, described the response as ‘a fairly significant no.’

“‘There are tens of billions of dollars of infrastructure projects ready to go,’ Mr. Rendell said. ‘I asked the president if he would support spending on those projects as part of a second stimulus package, and he said no.’

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